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Dam Update (Jun 3/19) Parks Canada: Final phase of the Bobs Lake Dam project will begin next month in July. About 1/3 of the project remains. This 2nd Phase covers construction of the north wall to connect the two sluiceways to the shoreline. Once the entire dam structure is complete, work will shift to rehabilitating the stream bed, demolition of the old dam and restoring the site. The dam should be completed by Fall 2019.
Watershed Quality Report 2018 (Apr 11/19) The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority has released its final report on the water quality in Bobs and Crow Lakes. Overall the news is good but there are emerging areas of concern if action is not taken soon. Go to Documents/Reports to see the full report.
New GBCLA Website The GBCLA has launched its brand new website. It is still a work in progress so test drive it and give us feedback on errors, omissions or extra features you would like to see added. Some new features include: an Events calendar, Cottager Resource Centre for cottage owners and guests, GBCLA Store for helpful products and a simplified menu structure to make navigating the site easy and intuitive.